Weather on Hogback Mountain in SC

Here are the old wind speed and direction displays that were used on Hogback right after the building was constructed in 1963. Note the labels that were installed as significant events occurred.

In April of 2002 we installed a Davis Vantage Pro cabled weather station at 250 feet on the main tower. The year before, we experienced a problem with the movement of the two stacked antennas on top of the tower due to wind, only a year or so after the tower was erected in 2000. After repairs, we wanted to keep track of the wind affecting the tower. Here are some text files of data from that time period when the highest wind gusts were recorded. The lightning took this station out within five months. It was repaired and re-installed in October of 2002 to last till February of 2003. It stopped functioning again.

May 18, 2002: 68 mph gust

November 11, 2002: 86 mph gust

January 23, 2003: 67 mph gust

February 4, 2003: 68 mph gust

A second Davis Vantage Pro cabled station was purchased in November of 2003. It was mounted on the roof of the building after the lightning damaged the cable running up and down the tower. The readings were never very impressive at this position. This station lasted until April 2004. The sensor board failed as exposure to the elements caused corrosion to its surface.

Here's hoping that the latest station lasts a while. Davis has all the circuit boards sealed in a substance now, so that it seems more rugged to withstand the elements. And the features of being wireless and solar powered means that it should have a better chance at lasting.

I also must remind myself that sometimes the winter weather will result in the absense of a reading, no matter how hard the wind blows.